Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 Legion Invitational Tournament Schedule

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July 1 Park Bowl

4:00 Richland Center vs Tomah
6:00 Lodi vs Westby
8:00 Viroqua vs Holmen

July 2 Park Bowl

8:30 am Viroqua vs Lodi
10:45 am Tomah vs Westby
1:00 pm Lodi vs Tomah
3:15 pm Holmen vs Westby
5:30 pm Holmen vs Richland Center
7:45 pm Viroqua vs Richland Center

July 3 Park Bowl

12:00 Westby vs Richland Center
2:30 Lodi vs Holmen
5:00 Richland Center vs Lodi
7:30 Viroqua vs Tomah

July 4 Park Bowl

3:30 Tomah vs Holmen
6:00 Viroqua vs Westby

No Infield on Friday and Saturday

ENTRY FEE $300.00

Viroqua will furnish baseballs

3 way tie, least runs allowed. 2 way tie, head to head competition.