Saturday, August 6, 2011

DVD's and photos of Tourney available


The TV broadcast has been provided by Vernon Communications (video) and WVRQ radio's Gary Gilbertson and Pete Walby. (audio)

All the games have been telecasted on Vernon Communication's local TV channels, as well as online at

Many of the games have been broadcast on Viroqua radio via WVRQ.  Some of them haven't, but Gary and Pete provided the audio for the telecast regardless.

DVD's of the telecast are available from Vernon Communications. They can be ordered at the Park Bowl in Viroqua -- come to the concession stand or the press box to order.  Or call Vernon Communications at 608-634-3136 to order.


We also have pictures of the tourney available from Dan Hardy Photography

Update 8-22-2011 -- There are also photos at