Sunday, August 4, 2013

Championship Sunday

Championship Sunday schedule

There could be either 1 or 2 games on Championship Sunday. Viroqua needs to win 1 of possibly 2 games to win the Championship. Waupun has to beat Viroqua twice to win the Championship.

Game 14 -- 1 pm  -- Viroqua (40-11) (4-0 in the tourney) v. Waupun (22-10)  (3-1 in the tourney)

If Waupun wins Game 14, both teams will have 1 loss, so it forces one more game to decide the Championship.

Game 15 --  3:30 pm -- The possible second game is slated to start at approximately 3:30 pm, but that is really an estimate. There's usually a 20-30 minute break between games.

You can catch all these games online, provided by Vernon Communications.

You can follow the results and schedule either on this webpage or using a bracket format (pdf)