Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nationals Schedule

Division II National -- Central Plains Regional
Pratt, Kansas

UPDATE Sun. Aug. 11 1:38 pm:
Congratulations to LaCrescent, Minnesota for winning the American Legion Baseball Division 2 Central Plains National Regional.

Congrats also to Waupun, Wisconsin for finishing 2nd.

And, of course, Congrats to the Viroqua Legion baseball team for a great season and also ending the season at the National Tournament.

Thanks to all the players, coaches, families, fans, local media and Legion posts for making this another successful American Legion baseball season.

UPDATE Fri. Aug. 9 1:30 pm: Friday's games were all postponed to Saturday. Teams will play 5 inning games on Sat. to make up for lost time and try to squeeze in all the games on Sat. and Sun.

 WVRQ will be broadcasting all the Viroqua games at the Central Plains Regional in Pratt, Kansas. 

Through a special arrangement, Vernon Communications will be offering the audio feed on their ustream site for those outside the regular WVRQ listening area. This will only be the audio feed, no video.   

If you are on a mobile device, download the ustream app and search for "vernoncommunications" all one word. That should work.

The stadium complex in Pratt does have just a video feed that will also be available during the games, at

It is unlikely the two will sync up, so keep that in mind when trying this out.

All the games for the Pratt team will have the audio streamed online at 

Good luck to the team and fans heading to Nationals!

Times are approximate except for the first day and the first and second session of each following day.

The Pratt Recreation website has the full schedule here in a PDF format

Thursday, August 8 -- Game times approximate (Rain pushing back Tourney start to 6 pm Thurs.)

6: 00 pm
Game 1— LaCrescent, Minnesota 3, Grafton, North Dakota 2

8:00 pm Game 2—Iola, Kansas 4,  Viroqua, Wisconsin 1

10:00 pm  Game 3—Las Vegas, Nevada, Liberty Patriots 5, Waupun, Wisconsin 4

TBA  Opening Ceremony

12:45 am Game 4—Flandreau, South Dakota 14, Pratt, Kansas (Host) 4 (5 innings)


Saturday, August 10 -- Game times approximate -- 5 INNING GAMES

9:00 AM Game 5 --  Grafton, ND 6, Viroqua, Wisconsin 3 (WVRQ FM 102.3 or AM 1360 / VernonTel Ustream) (Viroqua eliminated)

TBA Game 6 -- Waupun, Wisconsin 6, Pratt, Kansas 1 (Pratt eliminated)

TBA Game 7 -- La Crescent, MN vs Iola, Kansas (WVRQ FM 102.3 or AM 1360 / VernonTel Ustream)

TBA Game 8 -- Flandreau, South Dakota 9, Las Vegas, Nevada, Liberty Patriots 3

TBA Game 9 -- Waupun, WI 4, Iola, KS 0 (Iola eliminated)

TBA Game 10 -- Grafton, ND 5, Las Vegas, NV 3 (Las Vegas eliminated)

TBA Game 11 -- Flandreau, SD 7, LaCrescent, MN 2
(Flandreau eliminated from further official tournament results due to roster issues)
UPDATE: More info on the Flandreau situation

Sunday, August 11 -- CHAMPIONSHIP DAY

All games -- Live TV & audio stream on

Audio only -- La Crescent games will be broadcast on WVRQ FM 102.3 or AM 1360 / VernonTel Ustream --

Audio only --  Waupun games will be broadcast on 1170 AM WFDL and streamed on aka

Video only -- from stadium webcam feed --


10:00 am -- Game 12 -- Waupun, WI 4, Grafton, ND 3 (5 innings, due to rain earlier in tourney)

Noon -- CHAMPIOSHIP GAME (5 innings planned due to rain)

Game 13 --  (went to extra innings, ended after 6)
LaCrescent, MN 2
Waupun, WI 1

LaCrescent wins Championship; Waupun finishes second.

Waupun won Team Sportsmanship award.

Colin DeBoer, Waupun, wins MVP award

DVD's of Sunday's championship can be ordered from here:

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Tourney recap:

= = = = = =

As a side event, the Tournament ran a Home Run Derby of the best power hitters of each team.

Viroqua's Tyler Trautsch beat the field of about 10 other hitters, with 9 Home Runs!

Mason Joholski of Viroqua also competed in the Derby.

Home run derby:

Bombers 11

Kaleb Kaiser –La Crescent 2 (advanced to finals)
Mitch Foster- Flandreau 1
Christian Lunde- Grafton 1
Tyler Trautsch- Viroqua 5 (advanced to finals)Omar Ortiz- Las Vegas 2 advanced to finals)

Mashers 5
Jake Patterson- Flandreau 1
Levi Ashmore- Iola 1
Jamie Villarreal- Grafton 1
Chase Hageman- Pratt 2 (advanced to finals)

Tyler Trautsch 3 (advanced to tiebreaker)Kaleb Kaiser 1
Omar Ortiz 2
Chase Hageman 3 (advanced to tiebreaker)

Tyler Trautsch 1 CHAMPIONChase Hageman 0 RUNNER-UP